Napkin Folding Flower – Ivory Wedding Napkins.

Napkin Folding Flower

napkin folding flower


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Napkins in My Drawers

Napkins in My Drawers
These are just a few sets of napkins from my napkin collection. I like these because they are bright, colorful, and casual. I use cloth napkins, not paper.

They are stored in a vintage gorgeous green and gold credenza that was my late Mom’s. What you see here is a portion of one of the eight drawers.

For my Flickr groups, especially, “What’s in Your Drawers”…

birthday cupcakes 🙂

birthday cupcakes :)
I turned twenty years old the other day. I made these cupcakes from scratch for dessert 🙂 The table design was a mix of my mom’s and my ideas.
napkin folding flower